Book Review

Uncovering the Love of Jesus-A Lent Devotional

by Asheritah Ciuciu

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

          Few devotionals express the season of Lent as well as Ciuciu’s Uncovering the Love of Jesus. I am impressed by the amount of time, work and love the author poured into writing such a quality book. This Lenten devotional includes scripture, prayer and family celebrations. The author also includes insightful questions as well as hands-on activities, which offer a tangible understanding of the intention of Lent.

          Let’s admit it. Many Christians prefer to skip over Lent and get right to the celebration of Easter. However, the joy of resurrection dims if we ignore the full journey.  Her daily devotionals move the reader beyond the dread of Lent to the glory of God’s great love. Ciuciu says, “Lent itself will not bring you closer to God. But in the hands of our heavenly Father, Lent becomes an invitation to uncover the love of Jesus in a far greater way than we had ever imagined.” The reader and all those who walk with Jesus through this thought-provoking devotional will uncover his love and celebrate Easter with deeper gratitude and joy.

1 thought on “Book Review

  1. Well said – and something that needs saying. And a great resource referral!



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