I’m ready to start my Spiritual Direction Journey

What is Spiritual Direction? “The spiritual director is a spiritual companion, but one who can stand a little bit aside and see more clearly where the footprints are pointing. Most of all, the director is one who is seeking to walk his or her own path and is willing to share the learnings of it.”  (Fleetwood Range, author of The Reluctant Spiritual Director)

            Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship, with monthly sessions (or less frequent, in some cases) that enable deepening sensitivity to how the Spirit is working in your life The spiritual director listens deeply and prayerfully to your sharing, attentive to signs of the Spirit’s influence and guidance, offering feedback and occasionally, suggestions. Topics for a session can be anything you would like to process, but the general focus will always come back to your growth in the Spirit. 

What is your training, background and experience in Spiritual Direction?  I trained in the Art of Spiritual Direction at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California and graduated in May of 2000.One of my mentor’s, Sister Mary Ann Scofield, was the founder of Spiritual Director’s International. I worked as a Spiritual Director at a Spiritual Formation Center as well as through a Homeless ministry for twelve years and have been a Spiritual Director for twenty years.

How do I know you are the right Spiritual Director for me? We each discern whether we will be a good fit together on the spiritual journey. That is why I offer the first meeting free of charge. After that, we will discern whether our communication and ongoing spiritual journey is good and right for both of us. I will also check with you periodically to ask for your feedback on any changes or adjustments you want to address along the way, to make sure you are satisfied with your choice of me as your Spiritual Director.

What happens if I think I need to meet with a different Spiritual Director after our first meeting? If you (or I) discern that we do not fit as spiritual companions, I will be happy to refer you to someone else on the Holy Listening team or provide additional resources for you to find a Spiritual Director who is right for you.

Where and how do you offer your services? Holy Listening is specifically an “Online Spiritual Direction” ministry. Ideally, these sessions take place face-to-face via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or other interactive means that work well. Some directees prefer to meet via email because they are not able to meet in person or online due to distance, technology challenges or roommate privacy issues.

How often do we meet? Generally, we meet via Zoom or Skype once a month OR via email up to three times per month.

What happens if I am in crisis? Spiritual support and prayer are critical in times of crisis. As a Spiritual Director, I can meet more often when you are in crisis. However, I am able and willing to set boundaries, which I expect you to honor as requested.

How can I learn more about Spiritual Direction? Please review all of the information on our website at Holy Listening or review Spiritual Director’s International.

How is a Spiritual Director different from a therapist or Pastoral Counselor? Click Here for an answer to this question.

I’m ready! How do I start my Spiritual Direction Journey with you now? Please email me if you would like to begin your spiritual journey or if you have more questions. I will send you a Statement of Policy for you to review, sign and send a copy back to me.

Why is the word lullaby in your email? Shameless commercial. I am also an author and published my memoir, Once in a Lullaby: My Journey Home. Click Here if you are interested in reading about my personal journey and spiritual walk through life.

Thank you for your interest in Spiritual Direction. I look forward to working with you.

Cindy Burger

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